About us

TechSolutions A/S was established in 2005 by Lars Juul-Olsen and Søren Svanemose.


At TechSolutions, our vision is to become a leading provider of IP-based security products that can seamlessly integrate with other systems, emphasizing the importance of openness.

Our primary focus is on Access Control, Intrusion Detection and Alarm transmission systems that employ open protocols.

We strive to make a positive impact in the industry by offering innovative solutions that prioritize interoperability and cooperation.

Team TechSolutions

Lars Juul-Olsen

Title: Managing Director
E-mail: ljo@techsolutions.dk

Søren Svanemose

Title: Technical Director
E-mail: ssv@techsolutions.dk

Mevludin Opardija

Title: Senior Software Architect
E-mail: meo@techsolutions.dk

Nina Kjelfred

Title: Head of Finance & Administration
E-mail: nkj@techsolutions.dk

Mari-Louise Starup

Title: Head of Production
E-mail: mlk@techsolutions.dk

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