Wireless Locks

SmartIntego: The Perfect Solution for Integrated Access Control

TechSolutions is a SmartIntego Certified Integration Partners– Wireless Online and Virtual Network (offline) and is a supplier of the full SmartIntego product range.

SmartIntego is developed by SimonsVoss Germany and is a cutting-edge access control system designed to seamlessly integrate into digital security systems for buildings.

The TechPoint Access Controller operates SmartIntego locks – wireless online in a mix with offline locks and by using a standard card reader for transfer access authorisations to cards.

SmartIntego Products

SmartHandle SI.

The classic for exterior doors.

SmartHandle is an obvious choice wherever timeless elegance and a stylish ambience are required thanks to its range of versions – Euro Profile, Scandinavian Oval and Swiss Round.

SmartHandle AX

Next Keyless Generation: The intelligent fitting for interior doors.

SmartIntego SmartHandle AX brings a new level of intelligence, convenience and security to doors.

AX Cylinder

The Digital Cylinder AX is very powerful and user-friendly in an ergonomic compact design.

AX Cylinder is robust and durable with very low operating costs.

SmartLocker AX

SmartLocker AX is the first SimonsVoss system for cabinets and lockers – Highly flexible.

SmartLocker AX fits onto locker or cabinet doors without any drilling, whether it is used in hospitals, manufacturing environments in industry or simply on lockers in gyms, schools or swimming pools.

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