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TechPoint – the brand name of our Intelligent and innovative Access Controller

TechPoint, developed by TechSolutions, is not just an access control system; it’s a state-of-the-art security product designed to revolutionize access control and surveillance systems.

The TechPoint Access Controller provides you with a solution that enables effortless management of access to various rooms within your organization.

TechPoint is engineered and manufactured in Denmark in high quality, aligned with the technological evolution. TechPoint maintains the sustainability of your investment in access control.

The TechPoint Access Controller was launched in 2014. Since then, it has been installed in more than 10 countries.


TechPoint is an Access Controller that provides:


Complete Access Management and configuration build-in. No need for an external PC software or database.


Add doors as your needs grow.


Add wireless online-and offline locks.


SMS and email notifications


Free Application Programming Interface (API) for external systems.


TechPoint App and Remote Management.


PoE+, No separate power supply needed; easy to install.


Complies with Open Supervised Device Protocol (OSDP)


TechPoint is for everyone – regardless of company or organization size.

The TechPoint is the ideal solution for:

Sport facilities, Fitness, Paddle courts

Hospitals, Nursing homes

Universities, Schools

Industrial buildings

Financial institutions, Offices, Shops 


Apartment buildings, Private premises


... basically every location equipped with a door


Fair and predictable pricing: No yearly license

Contractors choose TechPoint because of its unique technical specs and because of the fair and predictable pricing.
Unlike most similar products, there is no yearly license fee applied to TechPoint. Once purchased, the product is all yours and you are free to use the software services associated with it, including the TechPoint phone app that allows you to control doors easily and remotely.

Lower installation and maintenance costs

You won’t have to maintain external servers or external software because everything is contained within TechPoint itself.

TechPoint adapts to your needs

TechPoint is an access controller that can be customized and utilized according to your requirements. This means you can always connect more doors to your TechPoint and scale up or down depending on your needs or the size of your company or organization.
Additionally, you can connect multiple TechPoints to your network and still manage everything from the Master TechPoint.

TechPoint works with Wireless doors

– TechPoint can communicate with wireless online doors. TechPoint provides you with full control over the door and its status. This implies that you can view access logs, automatically open doors, and allocate permissions to specific individuals. All rights and events are logged directly in TechPoint.

– With offline doors, you cannot manage and see status of the door, but you can assign rights and validity periods directly onto access cards. The event, and battery status, is logged onto the card and recorded in TechPoint when passing through a door with a card reader.

TechPoint collaborates with one or more gateways for wireless online doors. In total, up to 16 wireless online doors can be connected to a TechPoint, while unlimited numbers of offline locks are supported.

A high-tech controller and management system

The build-in Access management system enabling you to quickly gain an overview of all your doors and users. You can create Card Holders with multiple cards, access groups, design and assign time schedules.

You can process and design event reports etc.

TechPoint is packed with power

TechPoint features its own SQL database capable of storing more than 500,000 access cards and over 1,000,000 events. 

TechPoint Cloud

Through the TechPoint Cloud platform, users can remotely manage door access via a dedicated app, while accessing TechPoint functionality is also possible through a standard web browser. Furthermore, TechPoint Cloud offers API support for integration with other cloud-based systems and applications.

The app is available for iOS devices iPhone/iPad and Android devices (phone/tablet):

TechPoint editions

TechPoint Complete

TechPoint Complete Access controller requires no external server software or database. Everything is built-in and web-based; configuration, card and door administration, access rights, and report generation.

Multiple TechPoints can be interconnected in a network, therefore used in small and medium installations such as offices, sports clubs, shops, schools/high schools, and industries – still without expensive servers. A unique cost-effective solution that makes a difference.

TechPoint Integrated

Compatible with Thor/ThorGuard products and their management systems. Existing installations can be expanded with new and future-proof card and reader technology.

Use ThorGuard Management alongside TechPoint in new medium-sized and large installations such as hospitals, educational centers, offices, and industries.

You get top-class security and integration capabilities

TechPoint can be integrated with other security systems and products you already have. You can connect your burglar alarm, surveillance, etc., to your new TechPoint solution and manage everything centrally from the web browser. Additionally, TechPoint can easily integrate with your other IT systems such as meeting booking, alarm, or parking systems.

TechPoint Figure integration

TechPoint API

There are several 3rd party providers of Management Software that can utilize TechPoint via its API (Application Programming Interface) within:

Booking systems

Facility Management

Access Management Systems

API integrators

VIXINITY, Application for resident properties – Real estate covering Infor screens, Intercom, e-paper, booking, resident App etc

Bookhus, Booking

BokaMera, Booking

Compusoft, Ticket and booking etc.

Enggaard App for door management

ID-Door, MitID verification

In addition, Some minor booking applications for Tennis, Activity rooms Etc.

SQL connectivity:

TechPoint supports SQL connectivity for seamless integration with SQL databases for various security systems, like visitor and parking systems.

Two lines. Two protocols. The TechPoint Controller has two bus lines, which means that two communication protocols can be used simultaneously.

Proprietary Protocols

TechPoint can also communicate/integrate with other systems via proprietary protocols:

Conventus – Danish membership system and booking


SimonsVoss – SmartIntego


DEBus from Deister

Vario from Siedle

Open Protocols

It is our mission to offer interoperability by using as many different protocols as possible – and especially open protocols like:  

OSDP (Open Supervised Device Protocol)

SIA DC-09 (Alarm Transmission Protocol)


TechPoint enhances today’s IT security by implementing robust protocols. It supports the IEEE 802.1X network authentication protocol, TLS 1.3 for encrypted communications, and the OSDP™ (Open Supervised Device Protocol) for secure access control.

Additional specifications and purchasing information

If you’re a security alarm contractor or another professional seeking further details, we offer extensive specifications, descriptions, guides, configuration examples etc. – feel free to contact us here

If you’re not a specialist but the owner or developer of a building or facility requiring a security system and are interested in exploring if TechPoint could be a suitable solution, we encourage you to contact us as well.

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